Low Cost Housing | Affordable Housing | low cost | moladi

moladi formwork technology | established in 1986 to address the shortages of Affordable Low Cost Housing
Updated 24 October 2015

low cost housing moladi

low cost housing

construction system

  • erect moladi plastic shutter formwork to build affordable housing homes

  • low cost construction system

moladi plastic formwork

affordable housing

  • fill moladi plastic shutter formwork to cast low cost structures

  • Low-Cost Affordable Housing, moladi LCH method

cast concrete housing system

cast housing

plastic shutter

  • strip moladi modular plastic shutter formwork
  • Re-use and repeat process
  • Low Cost

low cost housing

Affordable low cost housing examples

Low Cost Housing | Low-Cost Affordable Housing | moladi LCH method construction

Low cost | Affordable Housing | Low Cost Housing

Low cost housing

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Low cost housing - construction system - Low cost construction approach

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Low Cost Housing | Affordable Housing | moladi | LCH method | Low-Cost Construction


affordable housing